Chronic pain: natural treatments to improve your quality of life

Medications can help relieve pain, but not cure it. We can also adopt healthy eating habits and a positive attitude.

Pain is the invisible enemy that makes you prisoners  keeping you away from what is around , sometimes preventing you from immersing yourself in the necessary routine where work, family and friends are relegated to the The background because of this inability to function.
Undoubtedly, pain stops, and when it persists over time and becomes “chronic,” it is important that a new approach where drugs are not the only and indispensable resource explored , all the more so That it is something of which medicine always seeks the magic remedy without success.


People suffering from fibromyalgia, for example, have not yet obtained the ideal recipe for solving their illness. Chronic pain is a complex disease where several factors we know are intertwined: physical, psychological and neurological factors.

Pain is a challenge, we know, but we all have enough weapons to deal with it and get a better quality of life. See how to face it:

 What kind of pain do I suffer?

The first essential step is to identify what causes this pain. Medical diagnoses will give us an idea of ​​what is happening, but you need to know the difference between “pain” and “chronic pain”.

An accident, a fracture, an operation … are situations where the pain is normal, but when this sensation extends beyond six months, your life begins to take a completely different turn : drug consumption, loss of energy, Motivation, not being able to do certain things …

Before you  seem open a door of darkness in which you are stuck, and the most difficult example is the case of people suffering from fibromyalgia , where the diagnosis is slow to come, where months and even years can pass without reaching a clear answer on the origins of generalized malaise which prevents those who suffer from it from leading a normal life.

Knowing what is going on in our body is the first step in this process of seeking a better quality of life.

Typically, our experience of pain is momentary or transient, relieved by rest ; It does not affect the normal rhythm of our existence. But when the diagnosis shows the pain is prolonged over time, it sometimes has an impact on the vital processes of the person who suffers from it.

Techniques of A


You feel limited or disabled; Then begin delays or yield declines … the feeling of disability and the fear of being laid off increase.


We note that the person affected by chronic pain begins to distance themselves from friends or family and lacks motivation to go out and enjoy recreation.


Often, for the affected family member or partner, the atmosphere is no longer the same and it may even feel misunderstood by those close to him.

Chronic pain is something can only be felt by the person concerned, but do not climb walls around you or spend your time constantly thinking about it and medicines that can relieve it.

Once the diagnosis is made, the next step is acceptance, a stage where it is permitted to feel anxiety, anger and fear in the face of suffering. Acceptance is a process that will emerge from a range of feelings and emotions that you must identify in order to better confront them, and it is from this that knowledge of the simple technique of the three “A’s” becomes essential.

Accept, but not avoid

You assume that you are suffering from pain, but this does not mean fatality and the person should not avoid doing what is usually a part of his life, which defines him as his own person: seek support around Of you, face each moment with as much energy as possible.

Accept to continue experimenting

Everyday life forces you to move forward, offering you sensations and emotions that you should not reject.

Accept is synonymous with compromise

You have understood that you have a specific illness, that pain will be present on specific occasions, but you must also commit to coping with it, adjusting your goals to your abilities, More benefits.

Accepting does not mean staying in suffering

Not at all. You must dive into a psycho-physiological process to reduce fear and avoid depression, accept a new personal role, face life with optimism and confidence in yourself.

open new doors

Sometimes your efforts to fight chronic pain can lead you to some vicious circles that will not help solve the problem ; An example would be the family’s criticism, which does not include the situation you are experiencing, or thinking that the disease itself will confine you, isolate you in bed at the mercy of medical treatment. Fear and anxiety can lead to depression; You must be able to develop your own resources to go to new doors and open them. It is thus forbidden to take refuge in your isolation, social and emotional support being essential to maintain personal balance. Even if you are used to being independent, without ever seeking help, you have already needed to reach out and be accompanied physically and emotionally. Talk with family, friends, doctors, psychologists or even associations related to this disease will help you be strong and especially to understand that you are not alone.

The weapons of your thought

Emotions directly affect our sense of pain … On the days when we are more stressed or grieving, the pain felt has a greater impact on our body. And if we learn to control our thoughts, give them a positive turn as far as possible? If negative thinking is harmful to you, it is better to recognize those moments when pain begins to emerge: in the morning, for example, by jumping out of bed with the feeling that the body no longer obeys you … Do you forbear thinking ” I can not ” ,I will not be able to do that “ ; Change this negativity by ” I will try “ , or better still, ” I will succeed” .

Time can wait

You must understand that you need other rhythms: life is not a race but a path to bring us to happiness . It is clear that we have obligations and that pain will not allow you to achieve all of these goals in your mind … Your body now needs a little more time for normal activities, and you should not Fall into the two most common mistakes:

  • To comply with your obligations, you tend to eliminate activities that are enjoyable to you, such as going for a coffee, playing with the kids at the park … This will eventually make your gray days where fun and take the time for you Even disappeared, anxiety and lack of enthusiasm increase. Your personal time is irreplaceable.
  • The second mistake is to take advantage of those days when you feel better to fulfill all your obligations. This will cause unnecessary overexertion that will aggravate the pain even more the next day.

It is therefore important to control one’s self-imposed demand, to pause to enjoy life, to delegate tasks and not to overload one’s shoulders with a burden too heavy.

The treasure of our values

Although this idea terrifies us sometimes, pain can limit certain aspects of life, which will determine whether you may need to stop working, or stop some activities that were once important to you … it is possible. But also opens a new stage that consists of rethinking many aspects of your life, such as its value. What is really important to me? What do I appreciate the most? Do I always act with my own principles? It is therefore essential to ask all these questions and to determine whether it is time to act on these principles, in accordance with what is really important.

A gift to our body: relaxation

One of the best relaxation techniques is said to be Jacobson . It is based on the action of tending and relaxing the different muscle groups of the body, which eliminates the rigidity of the limbs, in order to plunge you in a state of calm and relaxation. So just find a quiet corner at home and start practicing every day. You will notice the benefits in no time.

How to feed to relieve pain?

The exclusive use of medications will not help you to solve the pain problem and will not make it disappear, but will allow you to mitigate it. Hence the importance of maintaining balance by also relying on good eating habits, which tends to help organisms suffering from chronic pain.

Foods you should not consume

  • The products that are very sweet, refined or fried.
  • Cow’s milk, which in addition to being fatty, can also contain dangerous toxins for our body(processed).
  • Proteins of animal origin, such as sausages or foods rich in oxalate or uric acid, such as red meat and beacon.

Recommended foods

  • Fresh vegetables, especially carrots , garlic , onion, celery, aloe .
  • Foods rich in potassium, zinc, selenium and silicon, strongly recommended to treat fibromyalgia.
  • Vegetable fats such as olive oil, sesame or sunflower.
  • Whole grains such as amaranth, millet, corn, etc., rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Magnesium, which plays an essential role in the process of muscle contraction; In fact, in case of deficit, the body suffers from apathy, weakness, cramps …
  • Antioxidants: vitamin C, A and E, in carrot, orange, avocado, lemon …
  • Nutritional supplements: honey , seaweeds, chlorophyll, flaxseed, aloe vera juice or Goji berries are supplements that will help us eliminate the toxins and small waste accumulated in our body.
  • Vegetable oils and milks. Soya or almond milk, for example, is an indispensable source of calcium.

Examples of daily menus

Just before rising

You can start with a lemon juice squeezed in hot water. Drinking in small sips will serve to purify the body. Do not take anything in the next half hour.


A bowl of fruit with a cup of soy milk: oranges, pineapples, bananas, all accompanied by nuts.


Complete rice, a blue fish with boiled vegetables, seasoned with olive oil. We can consume it with a juice or simply water.

Having dinner

Complete oats with soy milk, accompanied by a vegetarian sandwich with salmon.There are really tasty sandwich recipes whose vegetables, in addition to being excellent for our health, can make up very appealing dishes. In dessert, cherries are fruits rich in vitamins and very effective in relieving pain.

Getting up day after day with pain is, unfortunately, an experience that limits your life and can sometimes plunge you into a state of sadness that is difficult to get out of it, as you know … Fibromyalgia, arthritis, Back or lupus are complex diseases that affect the optimal development of life, but you should not see it as disabling or paralyzing situations.

Chronic pain should not be a label that defines you, it is a challenge and the opportunity to get to know yourself better, to understand your possibilities and your values. Indeed, the quality of life depends directly on the state of mind and the will to face it day after day, with first thoughts in the morning, positive thoughts coupled with words of encouragement such as: I can “.



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