The best fruits against fatty liver disease

Thanks to its antioxidant content, citrus fruits promote the detoxification of the liver. In addition, drinking lukewarm lemon water helps us to activate the body and strengthen our immune system.

The disease of the fatty liver. It is an increasingly common pathology in the world population, which can become a chronic disease. How can it be prevented and treated?

A good diet can do a lot to cure this type of problem. So we will let you discover the most beneficial fruits against this pathology. You are ready ?

The best fruits to treat fatty liver

Have you been diagnosed recently as affected with fatty liver disease? Or does someone in your family suffer? You already know that you will have to follow your doctor’s recommendations and treatment depending on the type of hepatic impairment you are suffering from.

But in general, you already know that this alteration is due to an excessive accumulation of fats in the liver cells.

The patient feels inflammation, fatigue, general discomfort. In general, it is a difficult reality that requires changing many habits of life.

Take into account that in the long term, this disease can derive into serious problems such as hepatic cirrhosis, which frequently occurs at an advanced stage of the disease. It’s really worth taking the lead right away!

We will introduce you to excellent foods that will help you. Many fruits are truly effective in treating this disease.

lets Discover them!

1. Healthy apples

How many apples do you eat per day? We have already recommended to you , several times, to consume a green apple at breakfast . These are the best in their class, those that minimize blood sugar levels. According to doctors, these are the healthiest apples.

Generally, they are highly recommended for cleansing the liver, due to their high antioxidant content . They fight against free radicals and, as we have already said, they keep blood sugar levels low.

But that’s not all ! The apples contain malic acid, which is a fundamental element to prevent the appearance of calculations in the liver and in the kidneys, allowing then to take care deeply of these two organs.

It must be said that they must be consumed with their skin, because it has minerals capable of attacking fat and eliminating heavy metals from our body. Remember: eat an apple a day, and you will take care of your health. as the proverb says : an apple a day keep the doctor away.

2. Lemon juice

You already know the great benefits of lemon, and we are sure that you already drink it, for example, your glass of lukewarm lemon water every morning. If this is not the case, we strongly recommend that you include it in your diet as you will feel much better, and you will take great care of your liver.

Citrus fruits, in general, promote the detoxification of the liver due to their antioxidant content.

The lemon will also bring you vitamin C, and you will strengthen your immune system. If you do not tolerate too much lemon, put less in your glass of water. But, it is still recommended to drink the juice of a whole lemon each day. Dilute it in a liter of water so as not to be too bothered by its powerful flavor.

3. Grapefruit or pomelo, always as medicinal

Just like lemon, pomelo or grapefruit is one of the most suitable fruits to take care of your liver, but not in the same way. Grapefruit is composed of enzymes that stimulate the liver in a special way, helping to eliminate fats and toxins. Its effect is excellent.

In addition, the pomelos contain a high dose of malic acid and carotenoids, two elements that fortify and purify this important organ. Do not forget that their naringin content is important, and it allows us to dissolve fatty acids accumulated in the liver and expel them. Simply wonderful!

4. The excellent avocado

We love the avocado. There was a time when the qualities of this excellent fruit were questioned. It is true that it is not recommended to consume more than one per day. But you should know that its virtues are excellent, like its oleic acid content (a type of very healthy monounsaturated fatty acid). This type of acid helps reduce high cholesterol levels.

In addition, the avocado has plenty of fiber that allows you to be quickly satiated, and that reduce blood glucose levels. All this can help you daily to have an ideal nutrition, thanks to which you can take care of your foie gras. The harmful fat cells that accumulate in this organ will disappear, and its functions will be energized.

Will you start today to include avocado in your diet, as in your salads for example?




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