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What’s The Deal With Ear Wax?

There are many things in life that I don’t understand. I don’t understand why people have such an addiction to the television, I don’t understand why some people are afraid to fly, and I don’t understand why anyone would choose to eat asparagus. Ear wax is another small thing in life that I don’t really understand. I’ve heard people say that ear wax is for our good, that it is protection for our bodies and that it is natural to have, but I still cannot understand why ear wax really exists or how I am supposed to feel about it. Quite honestly, I am a little weirded out by ear wax. I think it is sort of gross and I cannot stand finding any ear wax in my ears.

My wife is a nurse, so I have had many conversations with her about ear wax and about how I should be dealing with it. She always laughs at me and tells me that I am making a really big deal out of something that is not supposed to be a big deal at all. She tells me that all I need to do is clean my ears out consistently and I won’t have a problem with ear wax. I guess my problem is that I hate having ear wax, but I also hate having to clean my ears.

My wife tried this new method with me a few months ago where she burned a special candle in my ear that was supposed to suck up all of the ear wax that my ears contained. I was very frightful going into it, but it actually turned out great. It felt weird having the end of a candle stuck in my ear and knowing that a flame was burning the candle down. I couldn’t really feel anything happening except that the inside of my ear felt really warm. When it finished, my wife showed me how much ear wax that the candle had collected. I was completely disgusted even though I knew that it was very normal.

If you have questions about ear wax, ask your doctor or do a little research. There is much more to be learned about ear wax than you would imagine. I have become quite fascinated with the reasons why we have ear wax and with the most healthy ways of dealing with it. I have learned that ear wax really is a protection for us and that far too many people over clean when it comes to their ears.



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