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When does a headache start to be worrying?

When headaches are frequent and they prevent us from performing our daily tasks, we must consult a physician to carry out the relevant tests to find the source of the problem.

Headache is an integral part of our lives. It is an enemy that we know, which is disturbing, but which often disappears alone, without the need to worry about of the problem.

However, there are some headaches that, despite taking medication to calm the pain, do not go away and handicap us heavily.

This reality is not that of a minority, it is relatively frequent. Here we are talking about migraines , those chronic headaches that affect our quality of life.

The we will talk about from what moment should we begin to worry? Can a headache be the symptom of a dangerous pathology? These are critical questions you need to ask yourself.

As information is always our best weapon, we will reveal 3 things you absolutely must know about headache.

Headache: the factors to be taken into account

Harvard University has done a very interesting study on headache.

First, in order to remove any concerns, the study states that in 95% of cases, this problem is not the symptom of a serious pathology.

While this is reassuring, we need to point out that a large percentage of headaches are very disabling for those who suffer from it.

Pathologies such as migraine, lupus, depression or arthritis are usually accompanied by very powerful headaches.

Nobody dies from these diseases, we all know, but the quality of life of patients who suffer from it is severely affected.

As these diseases are generally difficult to detect for the people surrounding the patient, they are called ” socially invisible diseases “.

These are very complicated situations. However, it is important to know when a headache or migraine becomes abnormal and can reveal the presence of another pathology.

We will present 3 factors that you must take into account if you are in a situation of uncertainty.

1. When do we have to worry about a persistent headache?

Harvard University tells us in the study we have just mentioned that we have to look at a number of factors when we or someone close to us suffers from severe headaches.

Here they are :

  • Any sudden changes in the type of headache should be taken into account. When you experience regular pain that goes away with taking an analgesic, everything is fine.But if suddenly, the pain becomes unbearable and nothing deal with it, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.
  • When you experience something that you could easily describe as ” the worst headache of your life “, seek the help of a professional. This is often the sign that you are affected by a stroke.
  • If your pain increases when you cough or move, this is not a normal situation.
  • Also be very careful if your pain prevents you from practicing your mildest daily tasks.
  • If you experience abnormal aggressiveness or irritability, you must also worry about what is happening to you.
  • Be very careful if you have a fever and you experience stiffness in your neck.
  • If, in addition, you are affected by vision problems, difficulty speaking, generalized weakness, dizziness or very fiery eyes, go immediately to the emergency.
  • Health professionals also tell us that it is not normal for pain to appear suddenly overnight.
  • If you bump your head and the pain persists, do not hesitate to go to the emergency.

2. Headache and ictus

The most worrying cause that can cause severe headaches is, without a doubt, stroke.

Stroke can affect anyone, regardless of age. It is important that we know all the signs that allow us to recognize its occurrence.

  • If you feel a total loss of strength on one side of your body (arm, leg, half face, etc.), worry.
  • As we said before, if you feel the worst headache of your life, you must visit the doctor.
  • If you feel an intense tingling in your face, in one of your arms or in one of your legs (on the same side of the body), you certainly suffer from a stroke.
  • If you lose sight of one eye, do not wait longer to go to the emergency.
  • Difficulties in speaking or making others understand also reveal the potential presence of a stroke.
  • A feeling of dizziness, a certain instability and a great imbalance are often felt by people about to get a stroke.

The “Demon of the Headaches”

We all know the impact that migraines and tension headaches can have on people who suffer from it.

But, neurologists and patients all agree that the worst possible headache is caused by the vascular algia of the face, or more commonly referred to as cluster headache.

When patients experience this condition, they immediately think that they are victims of a serious pathology.

But, despite the pain it causes, this headache does not put our lives in danger.

Obviously, it can seriously handicap us, but it is absolutely not dangerous for our health.

  • Cluster headache affects 1% of the world’s population, mostly men.
  • It causes intense and disabling pain, which can last between 15 minutes and 1:30 and appear several times a day.
  • This condition is related to minor malfunctions of the hypothalamus and heart rhythm. Sometimes our lifestyle, stress and lack of sleep can trigger this problem.

To conclude, we must point out that headaches are often unimportant. They are usually caused by fatigue, tension and hormonal changes.

However, if they permanently affect your daily life and are accompanied by the worrying symptoms that we have been able to describe to you throughout the article, do not hesitate to consult your doctor for an adequate diagnosis.

In these cases, the headache is only a signal of a more serious disease that can endanger our health.



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